Driverless Cars Causing More Accidents

Technology is continuously changing and taking our world further that ever imagined. The idea of driverless cars has become a reality. Google itself has been testing and creating prototypes for the past six years already. While this innovative idea seems like a great idea at what costs? There is no doubt that the idea is ingenious and who wouldn’t want to be chauffeured around. However the idea that a car has not steering wheel or pedals can be pretty intimidating and scary. What about the human ability to see a potential accident and avoid it. Will these cars have the ability to dodge an accident? In six years of Google testing there have been eleven of these driverless accidents. The blame for these accidents was on human drivers.


Once you learn how to drive you become comfortable and start to cut corners and make risky mistakes. With driverless cars and human drivers both on the road it could be a dangerous mix. The driverless cars are of course designed for safety but is there such a thing as being too safe? Since driverless cars obey the law it is confusing human drivers and rear-end accidents seem to be the result of this issue. The overly cautious autonomous vehicles drive well under the speed limit and can cause delays in traffic. It has been said a driverless car was even pulled over by a police officer for driving too slow. Another issue is whether or not these vehicles would have the ability to make life or death decisions. There are always some kind of catastrophic event that by the decision making of human drivers have saved lives. Whether it’s to avoid an accident the driver sees ahead of them, an animal like a deer running into the road, or some kinds of weather related incident. Whatever the cause is humans can account for those things and make a decision based on the information they have in front of them. These driverless cars do not have those human instincts or the ability to think that fast.


Driverless cars are made to obey the law at all times. That doesn’t seem like a bad thing but sometimes when driving laws are broken to avoid accidents. And what if since theses cars are completely computerized brake or malfunction. Since no one is driving how would you stop the vehicle if the brakes gave out. Hopefully there are emergency attachments that allow the human occupant to control the car in some way. If a child runs after a ball in the road, will the autonomous vehicle have an ability to stop in time. The amount of jobs that would be lost due to driverless cars is substantial. That is another issue for so many. So many ethical questions come into play when technology takes over cars. 


The idea of driverless cars is interesting and may one day potentially eradicate accidents that are caused by drunk drivers and reckless drivers. The idea of affording one of these cars when they are released to the public is insane, $150,000 is a rumored price. The only way I’ll ever be able to afford a car like that is if I sold every car I own and got a title loan on my house. The autonomous vehicle industry has a long way to and lots of questions to be answered before these cars should be up for commercial use.

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