Insurance Companies Starting The New Year With Delays

The new year has started and already insurance companies are giving their customers new problems. Not even a whole month into 2016 and insurance companies are starting out behind. The delays may cause customers to have to pay for charges from their physicians upfront and or delay their doctors appointments if possible. This of course is causing numerous amounts of complaints from insurance customers since they have already paid for their insurance. Technically these customers are already insured but do not have the proper proof of insurance.


Without proper insurance information this will cause delays with doctors offices and billing departments. They are having to contact the already behind insurance companies creating a snowball effect of more problems. These customers are missing their new insurance cards and confirmation of insurance which has created billing errors with health care facilities. In December of 2015 thousands chose to enroll right at the end of the enrollment period and insurance companies could not keep up.


From billing errors to delays thousands of companies and individual customers have been affected by this. Since the Affordable Care Act has expanded employers are having to rush to get their employees coverage. Increased amounts of insurance customers hurry and try to find new plans since their coverage plans ended. Even a deadline extension from the federal government was issued to help those late enrollers. Giving those people more time paved the way for many to take advantage and all at once apply for late enrollment.


Many working in the health insurance industry are shocked by what is happening and explain that this is something that has never happened. Customers are not receiving their confirmation of coverage or insurance cards. Physicians offices are having to charge everyone out-of-pocket for treatment. Leaving people with hundreds of dollars worth of medical bills that they are not going to be able to pay. Surely once insurance companies get caught up they will have to go back and correct all billing errors that are going to evolve from this mess. Don’t go rushing out to get car title loans just to pay medical bills that may come up.  Since customers have paid for their coverage they are most certainly not going to pay for expenses that their plans are entitled to pay. Be patient with insurance companies.


Errors have occurred and will more than likely continue to show up as insurance companies try to hurry and get their customers their cards. Some customers have already complained about getting insurance cards that were intended for other people. That leads to a breach of private patient information. So customers are asked to please wait patiently so insurance companies can correctly and efficiently as possible rectify the situation. Hopefully a lesson learned here would be to go for early enrollment and not wait until the last minute. This will hopefully be a goal of customers for next year’s enrollment period.

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