NC Drivers Paying Too Much For Insurance

Are you living in North Carolina? Have you ever had a driving ticket? Well if your answer is yes then you are probably paying way too much for car insurance. How could this be? Insurance companies won’t tell you all the ways you can save. If you have had a driving ticket and it has been three years or more since the ticket you may be eligible for cheaper insurance. Most North Carolinians don’t know about this rule and are continuing to pay higher rates for their insurance unknowingly.


Don’t be duped by your insurance company. You may receive a discount from your insurance company by not having an accident or ticket in the last three years on your driving record. Also, dependant on where you live your zip code can have an impact on your insurance rates as well.


You may want to shop around for insurance and get different quote offers to compare. Otherwise you may be looking into getting a car title loan just to pay car insurance. Crazy, right? Well for some their insurance rates are just that much. North Carolina insurance companies will price your rates based upon how many points you have on your license.  


The North Carolina points system is based off of how many tickets and accidents you have had and the severity. Whether there was just property damage or whether there was bodily injury or both. When traffic tickets are involved for instance a speeding ticket it will depend upon how much over the speed limit you were going. The point system has great influence on what insurance companies will charge you. Having points on your license can increase rates just starting at a thirty percent increase to greater than one hundred percent increase. After those three years of paying your dues for those tickets and accidents some points will be removed from your driving record.


In North Carolina it also depends on where you live. Your zip code has an impact on your insurance as well. So when it comes to saving think about those old tickets and whether your rates can be lowered. It is no surprise many insurance companies will not advertise that information. They always state on how you can save money but will not always disclose those minute details that you may be obsolete to. Luckily after completion of a study North Carolina is one of the cheapest states when it comes to zip code insurance rates. So if you want to find the best deals think about that before purchasing a house.


Don’t be fooled by your insurance company. Drivers of North Carolina don’t let your traffic tickets and car accidents forever increase your insurance. Do your research and get the best deal you can. You have paid enough already for the past three years of increased insurance rates and it’s time to take control. Now that you have kept your driving record clean you should get some financial relief from your insurance company. So call them today!

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